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             Why We Age And How-The Mystery

     Kellie Hastings, Basic PLUS Author                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The long awaited answer to a very old question holds interest to all of us.And for many the inevitable can be a scary thing when the body starts to malfunction. Thoughts of growing old and wrinkly are accompanied with the fear of sickness and the lack of self sufficiency. And becoming a burden is something we all fear.


Aging on the Inside              

Hormones levels are the key source for regulating and restoring bodily functions. However, when they drop, the effects are quit simple, we age. And the body’s ability to heal itself weakens. Poor diet inclusive with alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine intake contribute to this process. And a rigorous and tiring lifestyle within the demanding society we’ve created can and has contributed to the interruption of healthy sleep patterns.


Deep sleep enhances the release of hormones in our bodies regardless of our age and aid in a healthy function of the immune system. Certain hormones are connected and compliment each other yet again, when one’s normal function is hindered, the others connected are affected also.


Ah yes, to be young again; the most common phrase used by the elderly and middle-aged.

Hormones are plentiful when we’re young and remain balanced.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH), the most significant hormone plays a vital role and is considered the granddaddy of them all. Its production is highest during childhood which is why we simply grow up.


However, after the age of twenty-five decreased levels soon become evident. Men losing their hair young, or women’s hair greying in their twenties. These are examples of decreased production of the Human Growth Hormone, or so we thought.

It was believed that the pituitary glands decrease in production of growth hormone was due to the fact that we were just aging. On the contrary though, recent studies have proved otherwise. It's not that the pituitary gland decreases production of hormones, it just releases less and less.

Think about it; once the body matures as an adult the amount of hormones needed to grow and mature are not needed. So, Mother Nature kicks in to balance.  However, as the pituitary gland releases lesser amounts of growth hormone, the aging process begins. Thus, this is one cause of why we age. And in time, it simply releases none at all leaving our bodies vulnerable to heart attack, stroke, saggy skin, vulnerable bone mass etc.


How Decreased Human Growth Hormone Affects the Body.Human Growth Hormone deficient adults can show signs of reduced energy levels, reduced muscle mass and strength, cardiovascular problems, and difficulty with exercise. They tend to have a slower metabolic rate along with decreased skin cell renewal resulting in wrinkles. Hindered vision affects everyone along with decreased bone mass and lean body mass. And the most common, weight gain. There are a select few that will stay rather skinny during the aging process but the majority of us gain weight.

Enzyme Deficiency and Accelerated Aging Can enzyme deficiency or rather the lack of them accelerate the aging process? Yes, the most vital aspect in maintaining our body’s life system is enzymes.  Consisting of vitamins and minerals enzymes do play a major role in keeping us alive.


And quite frankly, we’d be dead without them. Anti-oxidant and growth hormone products aid in cell renewal however, without enzymes cells cannot replace themselves as quickly as they should. This in turn delays cell reproduction. Enzymes prevent cell damage from toxic matter and work in conjunction with anti-oxidant supplements and foods.


When the body fails to replace old cells with new ones at the rate it should along with the body’s loss of enzymes the aging process accelerates. Thus, immune cells eventually face the same fate as the body ages further resulting in age related diseases and minor health issues.

The body produces enzymes naturally however its supply is not an endless reservoir. Our eating habits and what we eat will determine the additional enzyme Furthermore, supply needed to counter act accelerated aging. In addition to meals, snacking between them requires digestion which takes time. Consuming fast foods high in fat and snacking on junk food can deplete the body’s natural supply very quickly.

The digestion of food in the body takes priority and forces the body to produce abundant amounts of concentrated digestive enzymes when the food we eat lacks other enzymes. The body's ability to produce concentrated digestive enzymes diminishes as we grow older. Thus, the body cannot benefit from vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in our food as it once did.

And as this happens it loses its function to produce adequate amounts of other enzymes to aid in healthy bodily functions. Compounding to all this, foods containing enzymes that are cooked, heated or micro waved above 118 degrees will lose their enzyme content--the higher the temperature, the higher the loss. Fruits and vegetables that are over ripe also lose some of their enzyme content.


Inadequate Enzyme Production and It’s Results Our digestive system will become less efficient with age. And considering 60 to 75 percent of hospitalizations are digestive related inclusive with ulcer and indigestion, the medications for these are among the top sellers. In addition hydrochloric acid production in the stomach also decreases with age as revealed in the New England Journal of Medicine.

By the age of 65, an estimated 35 percent of us produce no hydrochloric acid at all. Statistics revealed by Dr. Edward Howell state that overproduction of concentrated digestive enzymes over many years will overcome the body’s ability to produce enough other enzymes. By wastefully abusing the body’s enzyme-making capabilities in regards to digestive enzymes, production and normal activity of all other enzymes needed is reduced.

As a result enzymes become depleted as we age and enzyme activity within cells weakens dramatically accelerating the aging process as cells then become vulnerable to toxins, and free radicals. Enzymes from our food however relieve the body and its labouring efforts to produce these concentrated digestive enzymes.

This relief will then increase activity of other enzymes within the body. Maximizing the body’s production of non-digestive enzymes will enhance continued and adequate levels of enzymes even as we age. Elevated levels of enzyme activity result in a healthier and biologically younger body. On a more positive note, all raw foods contain a healthy dose of enzymes.

The most potent mind you are grains, legumes and sprouted seeds. Also, people have been known to periodically fast during the day replenishing their supply naturally. Sprouts, the most potent of all will keep enzyme activity at a maximum and have been referred to as the fountain of youth. And in order to stay young and healthy looking this maximum activity is essential.

Grains and beans are germinated seeds and are considered sprouts. Sprouting isn’t hard to do and can be done at home. Providing us a constant source of vitamins and a healthy supply of food enzymes our enzyme activity will remain high.

Sprouted grains, seeds, beans and nuts are easily digestible as they are pre-digested meaning starches are broken down into simpler carbohydrates, proteins into free amino acids and anti-nutrients such as enzyme inhibitors are removed. This in turn reduces the hard work from the body’s own enzymes and preserves them allowing the body to benefit more from the proteins.

In closing, this small but complex combination of enzymes, anti-oxidants, vitamins and human growth hormone (HGH) supply, the answer to that long awaited question is indeed here. And resisting all these fast foods, fatty snacks, alcohol and nicotine, that sought after fountain of youth we’re all obsessed with would in fact exist, at least to an extent we’d all welcome.

We cannot live forever and who wants to. However, in reference to the old cliché we're all familiar with 'To Age Gracefully,' we can now in reality do that. Research scientists are improving natural products and natural weight loss aids.  The new concept of looking ten, twenty years younger is an exciting breakthrough in our evolutional progress.

This simple yet complex combination we’ve all taken for granted has just revealed to us the mysteries behind how we age and why.


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