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   Money Enslaves Us  Truth Sets Us Free




Living in Freedom or Money, Truth or Lie


Freedom can be individually expressed in a variety of ways.


However, how is it defined or even understood on a world which houses so many.


Are we all living in money while believing in Freedom?

Or are we all living in Freedom while believing in money?

Or perhaps we believe we’re living in Freedom when in fact we’re living in money while believing in freedom.

Are we then living by our beliefs in this freedom?


Are we then allowing ourselves the freewill to choose by these beliefs how to live individually or as a whole?

Why believe in something only to live by its opposite?

Why believe in freedom when the true belief lies with money?


Many assume beliefs are categorized to belong to a specific way of living only.

Relying on the beliefs of others and living by them are we not giving up our freewill to create and live by our own beliefs?


 Freedom, a balance with Truth-Money, a System of Lies


Freedom is a natural living of compassion and truth setting free all who believe in it.

 Money is a deceitful system of control and lies enslaving all who believe in it.


Falling asleep to lies (money) or becoming awakened to truth (freedom) is not limited to the physical experience on a physical world.

It extends further into our spiritual beings and our very souls.

Both can either benefit or hinder our spiritual self and growth.

Which of these two ways of living we living by here

and which do we truly believe in?


Comparisons between Freedom and money are so vast we cannot ignore or become blind to the extreme differences.



To change our World is to Change our Beliefs


In freedom we live in balance along side nature

In money we live in systems along side machines

In freedom we live by all natural laws

In money we live by unnatural system laws


In freedom we live and walk in freedom

In money we live and walk in systems

In freedom we think and decide for ourselves

In money machines and others think for us


In freedom our choices are our own using our freewill

In money we give up our freewill for others to choose for us

In freedom we’re free to learn what we choose

In money we learn what institutions choose for us


In freedom we gain knowledge from living experiences

In money we gain money from work experiences

In freedom we freely contribute to the whole

In money we’re conditioned to work for the whole 


In freedom we’re free to create our own dwellings

In money our homes are built by others

In freedom a home is free for all

In money we work and pay for them


In freedom we live in The Circle of Life

In money we live in box shaped squares

In freedom food plants are seeded for all

In money hybrid seeds are patented for money 


In money worlds are for all to live

In money worlds are bought and sold

In freedom worlds are called worlds

In money worlds are called planets


In freedom we see a vast universe with color

In money we see solar systems with darkness

In freedom there is more light and warmth

In money there is more darkness and cold 


In freedom there are no winters

In money there is always winters

In freedom nature is free and balanced

In money nature is taken and caged


In freedom there’s world beauty and clean water

In money there’s barren desserts and pollution

In freedom the land is free for all to live

In money the land is taken or bought 


In freedom we protect others from the heart

In money there’s cruelty to others for the money

In freedom we are more unselfish

In money we are more selfish


In freedom we are free to create and learn

In money creativity and learning is earned

In freedom writers write for all

In money writers write for money 


In freedom music is sang for all

In money music is sang for money

In freedom creativity is shared

In money creativity is bought in stores


In freedom language is knowledge and evolves with us

In money language becomes tainted and systematic

In freedom we evolve spiritually

In money the system evolves


In freedom knowledge is created by all

In money knowledge is suppressed for money

In freedom we converse with language only

In money language is hindered by numbers


In freedom knowledge we create is ours

In money knowledge we create is taken

In freedom we always live in freedom

In money our living is always bought 


In freedom we live to learn, experience and create

In money we live to work, survive and consume

In freedom we seek truths

In money we seek money

In freedom our young learn with us

In money they learn in institutions

In freedom we’re more loving

In money we’re more lustful


In freedom we feel and discern with the heart

In money we think and discern with the brain

In freedom there is giving from the heart

In money there is the greed for more

In freedom there is light and love

In money there evil and darkness

In freedom there is truth

In money there are lies 


In freedom there is world balance

In money there is world chaos

In freedom there is health and healing

In money there is sickness and disease


In freedom there is nothing to fear

In money fear causes despair and suffering

In freedom we become spiritually young

In money we become spiritually old 


In freedom life always creates life

In money life is created synthetically

In freedom we believe in beings

In money we can believe in gods


In freedom food is shared for all

In money food is bought and paid for

In freedom we choose to help others

In money we choose to serve others


In freedom we are spiritually awake

In money we are spiritually asleep

In freedom there is heightened awareness

In money there is only physical awareness


In freedom our food is natural

In money our food is chemical based

In freedom we are vegetarians

In money we choose to eat meat 


In freedom there is inner balance

In money there is inner suffering

In freedom we keep our innocence

In money we lose our innocence


In freedom we choose to live in freedom

In money we choose to live in money

In freedom there is togetherness

In money there is division 


In freedom our consciousness evolves

In money our consciousness doesn’t

In freedom we have eyes to see

In money our eyes are blind


In freedom our physical bodies heal

In money our bodies are medicated to heal

In freedom our emotions are real

In money are emotions become superficial


In freedom we have spiritual gifts

In money we have technology




Beliefs for Self, Balanced Living and Spiritual Evolution


Believe in the freedom to live in freedom

Believe in the freedom to learn

Believe in the freedom to choose

Believe in the freedom to live by your inner beliefs


Believe in the protection of freewill

Believe in freedom not control



Believe in freedom not money

Believe in natural living not systems


Believe in natural energies not machines

Believe you are a spiritual being not a mammal

Believe in spiritual growth not churches laws

Believe in inner intuitive not instructive rules




Believe in laws of nature and the universe

Believe in living by natural laws not system laws

Believe in nourishing Love not feeding the ego

Believe in evolving in Love not just in brain intelligence


Believe in Truth not lies


Believe in yourself always


Love Heals All Always


It’s been a pleasure sharing with you an inner part of myself

 Knowledge on my site is shared to all


However my goal is to wake up Humanity

from its sleep 

In keeping my site healthy happy and wise be kind

and contribute to my cause

Be loving and give a small gift

Kellie Hastings Copyright 2011

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