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Money And How Our Belief In It Affects The Entire World Pt 2


The System and Money and What They do to Life

On this world it’s the system, the hidden influence that controls how one lives, learns and behaves.

It controls when one eats, what

they eat and if they eat.


It controls where they live, how they live and what they live in. Furthermore it controls their physical, emotional and spiritual health.

It takes from all life including nature all choices, all freewill and the freedoms all Life has right to.


It takes the freedom to live with or alongside nature if one chooses.

Systems cause sickness, disease, poorness, hunger, crime, cruelty, greed control and corruption.


Systems create an unnatural low energy causing atmospheric imbalance causing a cold climate.


It takes oxygen as trees are replaced by factories and buildings to keep it running. It robs nutrients from the soil and plants affecting balance in nature and changing our food.


Systems cause suffering in all life.

It causes emotional and physical suffering. It forces all to work to survive instead of just living.

It causes ill health and suffering in nature and plants. It interferes with the natural flow of waterways which otherwise keeps balance in nature.


Furthermore, it populates the entire world with waste, contagions, living bacteria and decay.


What kind of beings would create such a horrible environment? And how can any life live in such conditions and not see the wrong in it.


This question has yet to be answered.

Life naturally always keeps balance.

Yet humanity here has seemed

to have forgotten their inner knowing

of what balance means.

They seem to have lost their natural

senses or awareness to adapt to change in their living as nature does to keep their environment balanced.


It’s as if they’ve become incapable of

living in any kind of balance.

One wonders how so many eyes that see do not see this. Yet, these same eyes see money.

The irony however, is that with this low perception humanity has perfected the skill to balance money and the system from which it came.


How does this work and where has

this backwards belief and awareness

come from?

What kind of life balances systems while allowing the entire world to become imbalanced? All life suffers from this constant focus on building and running this system


Life also suffers from believing

in the system, and believing it the money, that runs it. This kind of focus is unnatural because it reveals to us that money

is more important than life itself, more important than keeping a balance on the world.


Money enslaves and blinds the one who

believes and lives by it.


To be blind and asleep to systems and money or

to be awakened to freedom and truth,

you would think that all would

choose freedom and truth.


Believing in freedom, you live by freedom.

Believing in money, you live by money


In freedom, there is no such thing as money

In money, there is almost no such thing as freedom


In freedom we learn from living experience

In money we learn from an educational system

In freedom language is spoken the way one chooses

In money, others choose the way language is spoken.


In freedom life always lives in freedom. In money, we obediently live in a system

In freedom we live, experience and create

In money, we work, survive and obey


In freedom one sees from within intuitively.

In money, one sees money and what it can buy.

In freedom, we are healthy and can self heal

In money we succumb to sickness and disease


In freedom, there is always world balance

In money, there is always world chaos.



Living In Freedom or Money,

Truth or Lie

Freedom can be individually expressed in a variety of ways. However, how is it defined or even understood on a world, which houses so many.


Are we all living in money while believing in Freedom?

Or, are we all living in Freedom while believing in money?

Or perhaps we believe we’re living in

Freedom when in fact we are living in money while believing in freedom.

Are we then living by our beliefs in this freedom?


Are we then allowing ourselves the freewill to choose by these beliefs how to live individually or as a whole?

Why believe in something only to live by its opposite?

Why believe in freedom when the true belief lies with money?

Many assume beliefs are categorized to belong to a specific way of living only. Relying on the beliefs of others and living by them are we not giving up our freewill to create and live by our own beliefs?


Freedom, a living in balance with Truth

Money, a living in Systems with Lies


Freedom is a natural living of compassion and truth setting free all who believe in it. Money is a deceitful system of control and lies enslaving all who believe in it.


Falling asleep to lies (money) or becoming awakened to truth (freedom) is not limited to the physical experience on a physical world.

It extends further into our spiritual beings and our very souls.

Both can either benefit or hinder our spiritual self and growth. Which of these two ways of living are we living by here and which do we truly believe in?


Comparisons between Freedom and money are so vast we cannot ignore or become blind to the extreme differences.


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