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                   Mad Cow Disease Infects Human


 Death From Mad Cow Disease Revealed By Relative-Canada

With the many cows that were afflicted by this unusual disease one would think that when it involves a human being it would be reported also. But contrary to what is right or wrong, Mad Cow Disease has been reported to infect humans, mostly in Britain.


However, when a human becomes infected with this disease it is labelled something else, variant Crevtzfeldt-Jacobs Disease (CJD). Is giving it a new name supposed to deter wide-spread panic, who knows? 


But the fact is it’s the same disease and presents the same symptoms affecting the same organs in the body. But through Media censorship human infectivity is kept from the masses. Now why is this not surprising?


Well, has anyone heard of a Mad Cow Disease case or (CJD) in Canada or Ontario?

And if they have; was it ever broadcasted on television or printed in the media? There has been only a single case reported so far in Canada in 2004. And yet, there is no mention of the second case in Ontario 2005. This person, presented symptoms in the summer of 2005.


Attacking the central nervous system basic co-ordination skills required for walking began to depreciate followed by three minor strokes inhibiting other bodily functions.

But considering this disease allows for no mercy the person’s health deteriorated quickly until weeks before their passing in December of that year.


In the last stages of this horrible disease they remained incapacitated. Motor and muscle movements along with the simple task of opening their eyes became impossible. Eating, speaking and drinking became non-existent. And one can only wonder the horror associated with the mental thoughts they may have had during those last few weeks when a coma like state finally sets in.    


Mad Cow Disease was diagnosed just prior to their death however the autopsy is what presented the final confirmation as the testing required is done on the brain. Even more shocking was the discovery that this horrible disease had in actual fact infected the victim years prior. And the incubation period of seven years presented no symptoms whatsoever.


But the irony of this cases is that the victim had not been anywhere near Calgary for at least twenty years. And Calgary was where Mad Cow infected many cattle. Of course in the weeks following the death, speculation of a wrong diagnosis was given to the family members. However, they knew better. Why all the testing then and how did they conclude their discovery of the bizarre time frame for incubation? And finally, why make it all up. Being deceitful in the first place would make more sense using the three strokes as the cause of their deteriorated health. 


Now, with such a vast distance between these provinces how does a human being become infected with Mad Cow Disease or (CJD) that is believed to infect only cows?

Scientists are still seeking the crucial answers needed but have discovered one thing, prion proteins located in the cows brain and spinal tissue is believed to be cause of this disease. And it’s suspected the milk of an infected cow also has these proteins.


Nonetheless, there is far more conflicting evidence to support their findings then there is proof. Considering people do not ingest the brain or spinal tissue of a cow, contaminated milk may prove to be the logical of the two findings. The widespread panic Mad Cow has caused has been contained but no one ever really knows what lurks behind closed doors when it comes to media censorship.


Resources: personal research on the diseased relative infected with this disease.


Kellie Hastings

Copyright 2007   

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