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Human Compassion At The Workplace

Human nature is a very complex part of our genetic structure and can unfortunately interfere with our rational way of thinking causing us to either rebel or simply speak out.  The world is saturated with unjust behaviour from all walks of life and within any environment. However in reference to insubordination at the workplace, this common behaviour serves as perfect example in representing human characteristics.


One would think that a strong desire to succeed in any form would eventually be recognized by some authoritative figure at some point in one’s lifetime. I truly believed this and for many years relied on this assurance to tolerate the most intolerable situations and work conditions I’ve ever encountered. 

A very valuable lesson we all learn at a young age. The unfortunate reality of this lesson however, is in this day and age it holds little merit and has far less significance than it once had. And pondering over the same question year after year I’ve often wondered.  Can one actually benefit by being lazy at work? Now most would answer with, no of course not. Yet, I’ve seen this typical behaviour over and over again from one workplace to another.




The Idle Hands of Employees

And from my experience the idleness of the lazy employee takes precedence over someone just hired or, the inferior nobody such as an agency worker who takes nothing for granted.  They are paid more and they do less, or in many cases, simply do little. Now, is it true that once you earn your place or served some time this is some new form of promotion?


Or is it just politically incorrect for companies to fire employees with little production status to avoid their negative response or behaviour? Could it be the negative publicity they may create?  Maybe they haven’t the energy or the willpower to monitor and seek out the bad apples. Or can today’s companies become victim to the all familiar comfort zone or that dreaded approach to implement change?


What ever the reasons may be, this backwards way of conducting business creates very conflicting attitudes amongst everyone and over time, negative gossip, and negative behaviour. One can only feel used up for so long before human emotion overrides human rationality.

The degrading manoeuvres demanded of someone regardless of how small in order to lessen or remove the labouring efforts of others should never be abused or taken for granted. This has always been my philosophy and a general rule I follow. Unfortunately however, this noble characteristic I’ve always had will not change the world nor will it change the unjust behaviour within the workplace today. And sadly in my efforts to instil this philosophy, the months of labouring effort on my part were spent in vain.


Refusing to absorb and accept an environment which devalues human evolution I have learned a few things. It’s not the job or the labour of my hands that offers success.

It’s not the praise I’m given for enduring the monotony of the 40 year work cycle we all succumb to. And it’s most definitely not how much money I can acquire during this time.

It was my victorious battle to keep what’s rightfully mine that came with a price. The way I see it though, the price for nobleness and human compassion can never be too high.

Personal success that stands alone may be hard to maintain, but it’s the most profitable. 

 It's been a pleasure

Kellie Hastings

Copyright 2007


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