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                            How Your Articles Can Attract 


 Promoting and publishing articles for free can offer one of the most powerful advertising venues available. This is the key to utilizing any advertising campaign and at the cost of literally nothing.

The Internet Network sits in a class of its own in regards to marketing strategies and promotion. And one can utilize and alter the journey from which an original article takes during its reign by way of linking.


Linking article to article or article to website or blog from the resource box broadens exposure. Therefore the articles path extends in all directions. Linking one article to another to start with however, creates demand and credibility for the author. Once an article becomes popular this is when linking it to your website will likely draw more interest.


This ingenious concept not only informs the end reader, its self functional purpose can generate profound results and is quite frankly the internet craze for business and personal promotion.

E-zine and article website directories and banks have grown popular giving the author extensive exposure. And allowing the use of key words and phrases, an article's popularity can land them on the main pages of Yahoo search engines via the directories they were submitted to. A high traffic and high ranking directory is of course an ideal start for that first article. And the ultimate goal is to avoid rejection.



Quality Verses Quantity 


Thoroughly researched articles which are well written will be approved. However, quantity may not produce the end results when articles submitted are only approved from lower ranking directories and article banks.


Search engines do favor high ranking sites when indexing duplicate content. In turn if the article in favor is linked back to a high ranking website, article e-zine directory or bank, the article will be indexed with a higher merit. Articles submitted to thirty or more low ranking sites to gain traffic will result in just that, traffic.


On the other hand, this approach does little for the website itself as far as quality indexing. Regardless of the number of sites an article is published on it will be indexed by search engines from its original origin.


If the original origin is low ranking, chances are this one article will be indexed as duplicate content giving it and the website of origin little credibility when indexed for rank.  For any small business owner or corporation article marketing via the internet is one of the most cost effective ways to promote any service or product online or off.


Article e-zines and directories use favoured articles to promote their own website. This in turn creates another form of advertising enhancing exposure even further and at no additional cost. Another luxury one can gain by writing a well written informative article.


Taking this one step further is what creates the end results. When one multiplies their efforts to 30, 50 or even a 100 articles, publishing to this degree can create an explosive demand for the author in question which creates the snowball effect.


And that single article consisting of quality informative content is where it all started. One must keep in mind however, that slapping together just facts and keywords or rewriting another article with a Synonym mind set to accomplish that high quantity rating will not fit the bill and can be detected as duplicate content. . Doing this can also discredit the author if this method is repeated and approval rates will drop.


Low ranking sites however have been known to accept work written in this manner. Reason being, quantity is the key factor in boosting popularity of their own site via the authors who submit to them. Work must be original whether it is written by the author or someone who wrote it for them. But quite frankly, buying the talent of others is not the ideal path to becoming an author.



Kellie Hastings copyright 2007

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