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           Health, Mind, Body and Soul


  Health, Mind and Body and let's not forget the Soul


Many realize our health, mind and body are connected

but what about the soul?

What is Soul and is it connected with

our health, mind and body.


Perceptions in this area of interest vary so

greatly many become confused.

Soul is a word used for spiritual being.

We are all spiritual beings living experiences in

the physical on a physical world.


To develop our spiritual being which is

living energy that is of course not seen

by the physical eye or sensed by physical perception

we need to live and experience on worlds

with others.


Our beings are pure living energy.

So yes our souls or spiritual beings are very much

connected and are somewhat a part of

our physical bodies we are living in.

Indeed our desire to stay healthy

in mind and body reflects in a way

our spiritual personalities


Our living in the physical however also

reflects our beliefs and how we choose to

live them in the physical.

When we choose to live under a type of control

we are not choosing to live by our freewill or

freedoms to live in freedom that all life can.

This kind of living deeply and negatively affects

our spiritual energy to such a degree our

heightened awareness lessens and our spiritual

perception becomes physical.


Our senses to feel, dicern and use our inner knowing

or intuitive is hindered and with some, there

isn't any inner knowing or perception to dicern

truth from lie, freedom from control.


Living a belief in money one conforms, agrees

and submits to allowing others in their

negativity to decide for them how they

live, how they learn, how they

speak and how they behave.

To give up one's choices to others they

have changed their path directing it eleswhere where

they wouldn't have otherwise chosen on their own.

This changes them, their spiritual living enery,

their very being.

Other articles on my site share about beliefs and how

living in them affects us all.

Kellie Hastings copyright 2011

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