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From What I know Now-At 14 I'd Find & Follow My Passion

We’re all molded into something we’re not at the

tender age of 14 by our parents, our teachers and society as a whole.

And we all have our own inner desires, hopes and passions

as to how we would choose to

live out experiences in life.


It’s unfortunate however, how difficult it can be for one

to find and follow their passion. Given advice


it comes from parents or others can be very influencing

for one so young. Also at that age doubts are constantly

interfering with one’s choices.


Society as a whole is the most influencing as demands

come from all directions as to what one should or shouldn’t do

with or in their life.


From what I’ve learned, parents should inspire their

children more often about how they can find their

inner most passion and follow it.

They should also share with

them that all they have to do is believe they can.

They can guide them to always follow their heart

when discerning

right from wrong in their own decisions

or in others behaviors.


At 14 my choices were influenced by my own lack of trust

in my inner feelings about things. Believing


they were mostly wrong I placed trust in my parent’s

instructions and demands instead.

Reason being

I was taught they were always right.

Well, I know

different now as no one is always r

ight about anything.


At this age if I were given advice or guidance to

always trust in my heart when making


about things I wanted to do or say my choices

would have been

different. This in itself would have had a

very positive affect on my life as an adult and

how I would treat others.


Also when faced with others deceit and negativity

my attitude concerning the character or behaviors

of others would have been more positive and more from the heart.

This would have helped me understand or avoid them.

I would however, feel more comfortable in

sharing with them how their behavior affects others.


Additionally my reactions would have had a more

positive nature too them. Reason being I would feel

and know that the heart never places judgment upon

others as its opposite the ego does.


Knowing all this at 14 my personality would have

developed with more of my heart as part of it instead

of my head and ego, changing many choices thereafter.

My path then during this life experience would have

been different and more rewarding.


The famous saying we all share as adults; if I only knew then

what I know now can teach us something.

In realizing this we can then guide our children

with inspiration from what we’ve learned along the way.


From my experience I would share to always find

your passion and follow and to always feel from the heart to guide you in making difficult decisions in life. And that our hearts

never place judgment upon others no matter how they


All they’re doing is being negative.


I would also share to them that life is not about

the A’s, B’s or C’s in the classroom or that perfect job

to earn the most money.

Additionally that we grow in our hearts and

how we treat others, not from the job and bank accounts.

If each child were inspired this way while growing up,

all the difficulties and challenges they meet along

the way would be more of an interesting challenge as

oppose to a suffering one.


They would be in understand of why life throws us

these curves and why others may act mean, stupid or

just plain dumb. The world then would be

a much better place to be.


It’s been a pleasure

Kellie Hastings copyright 2011


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