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                            FDA Deception For Profit


  Kellie Hastings, Basic Author           

Rights to Scientific Progress This question which is rarely asked or thought of has surfaced and is attracting consumer attention. Should the FDA decide for an individual what medicines or treatments they should use? And if so, is it in their best interest to choose wisely for the people or for the gain?  People today are thinking differently in regards to the freedom of choice, the right to have access to the scientific progress of health related products.

Individual choice falls into the Human Rights Category and should be deemed as such. But the rights to choose and/or experiment with new scientific discoveries that have been made are being controlled.  

However, the wall of illusion built by the FDA has grown from their suffocating tactics to preventing availability of new life-saving properties by creating an excessive expensive dollar amount to have them approved. Thus, the marketing of new such products is either delayed or never reaches the market at all.

In comparison to technological evolution medical progression lags behind as it is silenced by regulated obscurities. Sick and/or aging people create the demand for relief. This creates demands for drugs which generate profit.  

Americans die each day, more than 6000 a year but from preventable deaths. Without this suffocation of innovation caused by the FDA, HMOs and State regulatory agencies people would have the right and access to the use of these medical innovations.  

Do they want us sick? Is this reason for such deception? Maybe it’s the fact that the growing popularity for a healthier society is creating a new demand.  And the many over the counter and prescription drugs are not as favoured as they once were.


FDA-Drug Industry Partnership and Their Control for Profit The more common sense approach to health via natural remedies and homeopathic treatments is becoming proxy to synthetic medicine.  After all, if we all knew what was actually put into to some of these counter and prescription drugs we’d fully understand this twisted reasoning.

The pros and cons comparing the two would be obvious. And if choice was given, healthier more natural products that actually offer results would be chosen by the masses. The underlying deception behind highly priced drugs is masked by the pharmaceutical industry and is conveyed as the high cost of their research in producing their drug related products.

However, many of these drugs offer little or no results and are contradicting to what commercialism conveys on national television. Drug companies also control medication distribution in regards to what’s deemed suitable for the market and where consumers may purchase them. This in turn deters lower-priced competition. A higher priced market is more effective allowing drug companies to expose and sell their second rate products to the public and physicians creating large profits.

Therefore, this creates a venue to purchase political influence warding off regulatory intervention. This research conducted by drug companies entails the discovery of molecules that display minor effects against disease then creating patents for them. Millions are then spent on FDA approval to massively promote and sell these lavishly packaged products during the reign of the patent.

An ingenious and proven method which constantly generates billions of dollars in profits for the pharmaceutical conglomerates yet, this riches to rich success has offered no results in the finding of cures for the more degenerative type diseases.

To just visualize for a moment  if the millions spent on the production and marketing of these drugs were to be spent on a more productive level such as research to cure diseases or control them, the need for all these garbage products would diminish greatly. But then again, so would the profits.

So, in the end who is benefiting from this formula of success? Conglomerates like the FDA and pharmaceutical companies are most definitely benefiting. However, the people who seem to be supporting their success are not only being deceived, their rights to have access and use of what should be made available is being veiled by the greed of the dollar.


Life Extension Discoveries  Life Extension magazine has brought the attention of many when revealing their efforts in exposing therapies and their successful results within well secured studies. However, these new innovations have yet to be changed and implemented into a traditional medical practice.

Their efforts and discoveries have taken medicine to new levels helping thousands. And they’re only one of many who offer life-extending therapies yet, these treatments are being withheld from the people and any who need or wish to use them.

Life Extension has a growing buyers club prohibiting drug industry behaviour and they truly believe the modern practises of the FDA and its guarded control discourages and hinders medical innovations. And companies offering new disease treatments lie dormant as they are being suppressed by censorship. The FDA protects the profitable interests of a deep-rooted drug industry.

The average American they say pays the equivalent to a fifty dollar bridge toll with each purchase of a prescription drug. All customers of the Life Extension Buyers Club support consumer’s rights which lie beneath a biased environment dominated by enormous amounts of drug money profit. They’re hoping if enough people speak out, industries current perception will convert to a more evolutional perspective instead of a profitable one.

Kellie Hastings copyright 2007

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Kellie Hastings copyright 2007

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