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Here I Share A Part Of My Inner Self

          How I Created Healing Water From Tap Water



Water in its natural state has all the healing qualities

needed to aid in our healing preventing

the growth of bacteria cells which cause disease.

If the natural healing qualities in

water were not changed

in nature then left alone in the water we drink and

bathe in then diseases would

become non-existent.


Ocean water like its cousin fresh water also has natural

healing qualities.

When left alone in its natural balanced state

ocean water heals all ocean life preventing

injures from becoming vulnerable to

invading bacteria cells.


The Water We Drink

The water we drink and bathe in has been treated

or processed before it reaches our homes.

Therefore, this waters healing qualities either have been changed or removed. And the natural

molecular properties of the water have been changed .

This dramatically lessons the

waters ability

to heal leaving us vulnerable to invading

bacteria cells and or parasitic

cells which

become infections and diseases.


And unlike nature that can heal naturally we cannot

heal ourselves in the way we should. 

Minute organisms and tiny bacteria cells

in our air and food are then able to divide and multiply

because our body’s

immunity is weakened.

This provides a low environment

from which they can live.


Many believe that positive or loving words

can bring back the natural healing qualities in water,

at least to a certain extent.

There intent is to heal, their will becomes the

action and their belief they can heal manifests

in the physical.

Because their intent is to heal a part of nature which

is life it works.

The water then in turn heals them.


Now it’s understandable that you the reader is

going to question how this works

and where is the scientific proof.

Well, if nature can discern what they can or can’t eat

naturally without scientific proof then we

should be able to also.

But it’s a shame we can’t naturally discern


of what we can or can’t eat unless the odor is off.


Healing with Words, Intent and Belief

The idea I’m about to share came from another who created healing water with words.

To begin this amazing little experiment

I took two pieces of paper and wrote the word

Love on both.

Now I could have written the word health,

heal or balance

but I choose the one thing that heals all; Love.

I also chose this word because I believe that

love does heal all.

For me, I needed to have my belief for it to work.


I taped both pieces of paper to a large glass of water

leaving it in the fridge overnight.

The next day I drank half the cup and I couldn’t believe

what I felt. Upon drinking the water

I felt different inside and knew it was working.


I could feel changes begin inside as if the

water I drank as it was connecting to the water in my

body was either changing it or healing it which

would of course heal me.


Searching the internet in my excitement

I discovered others were creating healing water

with words, loving intent and their belief it would work.

Also others were mixing

their healed water

with store bought water claiming that their healed water

was healing the water they bought.


One thing however I did learn to be careful with is to

only drink a small amount at a time. Our bodies

reject and get rid of impurities and

bacteria when it can naturally, slowly and safely.

This would be no different.


My guidance when trying this exciting little

experiment is to just drink a third of

your healed water

from a regular glass sized amount.

I took this one step further and taped three

pieces of paper with the word Love

written on them to a full gallon or jug of water

and left it in the fridge

for a few days before trying it.


Again a third of a cup is just enough for anyone to try.

If you feel nothing however, then try a little more or leave the water in the fridge longer.

Possible Reason Many Become Sick 

I truly believe that one of the reasons why many of us

get sick is because we are believing

in diseases and sickness instead of health and healing.

If you take ownership to a disease

and its name

and call it your disease then what

can one expect from that.


It’s highly likely since they own and believe in the disease

that they have a likely chance of becoming

vulnerable to it. When one believes they never get sick, chances are they never get sick.

I myself never get sick as I believe my physical body always heals itself when needed safely.


Let’s compare the differences in these two beliefs


A positive belief; My body always heals when needed.

A negative belief;  Only a doctor can heal me


Which of these two beliefs is a balanced healthy one?

And why would anyone choose the negative belief.


My guidance is guidance and we all choose to believe

in what we choose to believe in.  

If you believe only your doctor can heal you then chances are for now  only they can.

Reason being it’s your belief.


It’s been a pleasure sharing

Kellie Hastings copyright 2011