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Our World-Let's Free It

 Money Enslaves us-Truth Sets us Free

     Living in Freedom or Money, Truth or Lie

To change the world is to change our belief in money.

The First Ever Free The World Blog

A special place for all spiritually aware, for

all lightworkers and anyone who

questions the meaning of


Here is where all can share their feelings, emotions

and guidance with others on topics such as

evolution of the soul, spiritual growth, world

concerns and why the world is in such


What I share is revealed in my articles on this site

on how money enslaves us spiritually and

physically. How believing in it and systems

may regress our spiritual evolution.


Browse through my site for these areas of interest

and remember share to the world. That's what

this blog is for, for all to share to as many
as possible.

My goal here is to Wake Up Humanity

to free them from this money system

of lies.

Have fun and be nice.

Please no solicitation of bibles, gods

or religions as I do not believe in them

I am a believer of truth and freedom

Kellie Hastings

One of my many personal quotes:

Believe in truth, believe in freedom

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Our World-Who Wants To Free It--All are Welcome

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Freedom, a balance with Truth

Money, a System of Lies

Freedom is a natural living of compassion and truth setting free all who believe in it.

Money is a deceitful system of control and lies enslaving all who believe in it.