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              Aging-A Physical Perception Only


Human evolution not only involves the innovation of our inventions, how we use them, and the knowledge gained in the process.

Our instinctive behavioural habits originating as far back as our Neanderthal days play a large role in how we've acquired our modern physique, our facial features and how we process information .

And back then, if you can picture this scenario, one was considered old and used up at the tender age of 38.
Reason being is because they were.

It's no doubt that today it's hard to comprehend this in our self ridicule of how old or worn out we look at the age of 50. And it's quite comical actually considering the vast circumference this comparison has.  

So how does one perceive the 50 year-old in relation to the aging factor? How was it perceived 300 years ago? Is there or has there been a standard classification?

Do any of us really know all the answers when classifying any age? Maybe it's the fact that we've become fascinated with manipulating the aging process and have only recently discovered how. 

This is one interesting topic and we have to admit, it's difficult to resist a new and positive challenge.  And what better way to create it than to break and disrupt the natural course of things. And conniving in our efforts we've somewhat succeeded with our naughty little plans. 

Nonetheless, why is this outdated ritual of classifying anything so important?  Is it part of our human characteristics? Or is it because we've evolved to a higher level of thinking?

Our intention to outsmart Mother Nature has become the new challenge and our desire to succeed has only begun to surface. But why now? 

We are now fully aware of the mechanisms within our bodies and how they function. We've discovered the crucial roles of hormones, enzymes, amino acids, and anti-oxidants and how they work in conjunction to maintain and keep the functional body intact and youthful.

We've structured our own environment to withstand our demanding needs compelling us to thrive as a species.

This unrelenting need for information in all its forms has risen to new levels and adapting to a futuristic perspective this challenge is only one of many to come.


Question of the Day

Is the average 50 year-old of today obsessed with the concept of looking 40?
Or are they simply proud because they actually can?
Anyone, man or woman beyond the age of 40 can look and feel younger.
Any why not, we've evolved to become this way.
It's been a pleasure

Kellie Hastings copyright 2008

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