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This is the first book ever written

dedicated to changing an

entire World.


Changing it from a money base system of control and lies

to a world whereby humanity can

live in

freedom and truth.


Living in freedom there is no systems or money.

I hope that this will

bring back the natural laws of nature and the Universe allowing all to once again believe in these laws

and believe in living in freedom.


book shares how living out

the belief in money affects us all.


Money And How Our Belief In It

Affects The Entire World

Health, Mind and Body and let's not forget the Soul.

Many realize our health, mind and body are connected but what about the soul? What is Soul and is it connected with our health, mind and body?

Perceptions in this area of interest vary so greatly many become confused. Soul is a word used for spiritual being. We are all spiritual beings living experiences in the physical on a physical world.

Our spiritual being, which is living energy is not seen by the physical eye or sensed by the physical perception. In order to develop our spiritual being we need to live and experience on worlds with others. Our beings are pure living energy not electrical energy.

So yes, our souls or spiritual beings are very much connected and are somewhat a part of our physical bodies we are living in. Indeed our desire to stay healthy in mind and body reflects in a way our spiritual personalities. Our living in the physical however reflects our beliefs and how we choose to live them in the physical.

When we choose to live under a type of control, we are not choosing to live by our freewill or freedoms to live in freedom that all life can. This kind of living deeply and negatively affects our spiritual energy to such a degree our heightened perception lessens and our spiritual awareness becomes a physical awareness.

Our natural senses to feel discern and use our inner knowing or intuitive is hindered. And with some, there isn't any inner knowing or awareness to discern truth from lie, freedom from control.

Living out a belief in money one conforms, agrees and submits to allowing others in their negativity to decide for them how they live, how they learn, how they speak and how they behave.

To give up one's choices to others they have given up their freewill all life has right to. This changes their spiritual path directing it elsewhere where they would not have otherwise chosen on their own.

This changes them, their spiritual living energy, their very being.

A World Gone Astray Is A World Lost

My philosophy on the meaning of freedom is living in truth. And from what I see on this world few live in any kind of freedom, the word truth is rarely used.


And we certainly are not living by any truth. Sharing knowledge or guidance to anyone doesn’t need the laws of physics or physical proof for it to have truth.

 Reason being is because it doesn’t pertain to the physical. Worlds are everywhere in this vast colorful universe just as life is everywhere.

Life is also everywhere in the spiritual.


However, what disturbs me the most is the way intelligent beings here choose to live. It’s as if they have literally chosen to give up their freewill and their freedom to choose.

 And furthermore, it seems they may have fallen into a single dimensional consciousness or awareness as a result.


Life is a journey that is ongoing.

We live freely experiencing what we choose to experience and with whom we choose to experience with.

We learn about anything we desire when we choose to learn it with or without others.


Becoming creative is natural and talents are individually unique. They are shared freely without the demands of some kind of exchange or worse still, money. Life elsewhere doesn’t live in systematic control and money is simply not there.


All money does is control all life on an entire world, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

 How can anyone learn in such worldwide control? How can anyone live by natural laws such as freewill and freedoms when they foolishly choose to believe in submit to and live by unnatural systematic deceptive laws?


Life always keeps balance just as life in nature does. However, intelligent beings here seem to be oblivious to the meaning of the word balance.

 The world as I see it has become a massive manufacturing plant. This plant produces billions of useless junk to feed greed and materialistic luxury.


All life here is dramatically affected by this imbalance in the most negative way possible. Does anyone see this?

 When the belief in money is so deep, one cannot see anything but money. The human experience can determine the Human condition when our beliefs are taking us down the wrong path.

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How living in money affects us all and the balance

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I am a believer of truth and living in freedom

I am concerned about what I see here on this world. Here we are not living in freedom and we are certainly not living by any truth

Justice for the World - Human Rights Awareness

It's been a pleasure sharing with you an inner part of myself.

My book is shared in freedom and is free

however if anyone wishes to give back to this

amazing cause your welcome

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